You did WHAT in HOW LONG?


May and June certainly have been an incredible 2 months.

First, we got a dog that turned out to be VERY hyperactive, needed TONS of attention, and then very sick and needed even MORE attention!

Then I got a 2.5 degree burn on my hand (not quite 3rd degree, but worse than a 2nd degree).

(from making pasta. Let’s just say I will be more careful draining the bowl from now on!! Ouch!)

Then I had 2 – count ’em – 2 surgeries on my eyes.

Then (I am getting tired just writing all of this down), I got in a car crash!

All in the space of 60 days!

I am happy to say that most of these issues have been resolved.

We got the dog better and then found a better home for him – with a loving couple who can give him the attention and love he needs.

My hand is pretty much healed (just have to be careful not to get sunburned!)

I am fully recovered from my eye surgeries and now have 20/20 vision in my left eye, and 20/30 in my right. Pretty radical change from someone who has been wearing glasses for 50+ years in order to see clearly!

My car has been fixed from the accident (though I am still awaiting judgement from the insurance company to see if my rates will go up or if I will get my deductible back).

So all is good.

But that was a ROUGH 60 day period.

Oh wait!

I forgot about the most important thing!

My first book was published!


Trust me, when I say a major milestone and success can also be stressful!

I feel VERY blessed right now to come out of all of this okay.

So if you ever think “nothing ever happens to me, my life is boring,” please keep this blog post in mind.

Sometimes boring is not such a bad thing.



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