Orlando, ISIS and Islam – Just what is going on?

I know this post is late.

The incident occurred days ago.

I was in shock, and needed some time to process.

Seems we don’t give ourselves time to process things anymore in our instant-gratification generation.

The shooter claimed allegiance to ISIS.

I don’t believe that was his real motivation.

This was not a religious-based killing, in my opinion.

The Koran had nothing to do with the tragedy.

It was based on extreme hatred of a group of human beings that have been targeted since the dawn of time.


I have read some things that make me believe that the shooter was gay himself (but never really came out).

If that is true, then that would really explain things.

You see, we tend to live by the golden rule.

If you love yourself and who you are…

If you love life…

Then you will wish this on others.

But if hate yourself and who you are…

If you want to die…

Well, then, I think you will wish this on others also.

History is littered with people who hate others who are just like themselves.

They hate that aspect of themselves and they project that hate outward toward others.

If the shooter was really gay and couldn’t accept that, then he might have felt like he wanted to die.

And take other gays with him.

Now, all of this is just my speculation and I could be wrong.

But it is, to me, the most logical reason for the shooting.

No, I don’t believe that religion or faith had anything to do with this tragedy.

The shooter was unbalanced and hated who he was.

And he took that anger out on others.

We must always be on our guard whenever we hate others.

Chances are, whether we like it or not, that we have those same traits within ourselves.

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