Double Vision

I have recently recovered from surgery in both my eyes.

I was pretty much blind in my right eye due to cataracts, and my left eye didn’t have much longer before it was as bad.

There was no option beside surgery.

The surgeon recommended to have the surgeries about a month apart, which was fine by me.

For the first two week, I couldn’t exercise, strain or even bend over!

But that wasn’t the strange part!

What was REALLY weird was the unique view of the world I was experiencing.

You see, cataracts do three things.

1) they make the world cloudy

2) they make the world blurry

3) they add a deep yellow tint to everything.

I had NO idea how bad these three elements were until my right eye was fixed!

I could see CLEARLY without glasses- for the FIRST time in my life!

My left eye, however, was horrible.

It is hard to describe seeing the world through these two different lenses.

One eye was clear, in focus and with vibrant colors.

The other eye was foggy, blurry and had a yellow tint.

Keeping both my eyes open was driving me nuts!

Two different color schemes!

Two different fields of vision!

Two different levels of clarity!

I tried putting an eye patch on my left eye, but that just felt too awkward.

I popped out the right lens of my eyeglasses. That helped a little.

Sometimes I just closed each other to see the effect of seeing the world through two different lenses.

I realized how profound this experience was.

In my book – Religion? Been There. Done That. I talk a lot of how important it is to see the world through a different lens.

We must strive to see the world not only through OUR eyes, but through the eyes of another – to understand how THEY see the world.

It is a very difficult, but very powerful skill I believe we each must learn if we are to live in peace and harmony with people who think and view God very differently than us.

After I got my left eye done everything was GREAT!

Now I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/30 vision in my right eye!

I only need over the counter reading glasses!

The experience of seeing the world through two different views at the same time will stay with me a long time.

Have you had a similar experience you would like to share?

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