Dallas shootings, Cops and killing

I read the news today, oh boy.

My heart is saddened by the state of chaos this country has devolved into.

Cops targeting black males to the extent that they should be considered an endangered species.

And now blacks are killing cops in response to the lack of justice of those killings.

Killing in response to killing.

When has that ever amounted to anything good?

The fact is that this country has a race issue and it has never really been addressed.

And we are paying for it – big time.

I pray for peace and level heads as we sort things out, but I fear that these prayers are for naught.

Perhaps if the policeman that killed these black men would go to jail, then it might send a message that might help restore trust in the community.

That’s a lot of mights…

What we are witnessing is not just the reaction to recent events..

It is the reaction to systematic oppression and killing for hundreds of years.

We have repressed all of this, and now it is bubbling up.

Two wrongs have never made a right.

Killing to prevent killing has never helped anything.

A violent revolution only yields temporary satisfaction. (5,000 of history backs me up on this).

I pray for all the victims – as a result of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter protests.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of these victims.

As long as we see each other as people of different races, then racism will always be with us.

It is only when we see each other as human beings of the same race, then racism cannot exist.

May we all come to this realization soon…

For the sake of all of humanity.

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