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While I appreciate comments to my blog, there are unfortunately people who abuse this function. Typically, these are people who come here just to promote their own site/business which is rarely, if ever, related to the topic of this blog.

I do not want to discourage people from making pertinent comments, but – in the interest of maintaining integrity of this site – I will moderate each post based on the criteria below. Please be aware that as a result of this moderation, your post may be modified or removed entirely.

The following is the policy statement for posting comments on this site

  1. In the name field, please use your real name or nickname. Strictly “no keywords” or “business related terms” are allowed.
  2. The comment should directly convey substantial information related the post. I will deny approval to comments that contains:

    • Thanks, Great Post!
    • Hey nice blog!
    • Great and wonderful research, thank you for sharing this.
    • You must have done some hard work in coming up with this post.
    • Hi, thanks for the post, just dropping by.

  3. Links to offensive websites will be removed.
  4. All comments will be moderated.

Thank you for understanding.


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