The Meaning of Life – Part 3

Last week, we got a better understanding of our true nature. That we are inherently divine beings.

So what is the meaning of life?

To me, it is understanding:

  1. Who we are
  2. Where we came from
  3. Where we are going
  4. How to get there

We are divine beings who came from the divine realm. And to there we will return.

The trick is knowing HOW to get there.

We prepare for our journey home through two separate efforts.

First, we must overcome the world we have been thrown in. The world is based on power, passion and pleasure. We must master these to overcome the world.

Second we must prepare our Spark for the journey.

We prepare our Spark by cultivating compassion and kindness, forgiveness, mastery, gift sharing, and love. Thus it is the combination of mastering power, passion and pleasure of the world, while cultivating compassion and kindness, forgiveness, knowledge, mastery, gift sharing and love that allows our spark to have the knowledge, strength and skills to survive the long journey home.

This is the Gnostic way and the path that I have chosen.


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The Meaning of Life – Part 2

Last week, we discovered that you have divinity within you.

This week we will explore where you came from.

The fact is you came from a place above the heavens – a place some have called the pleroma (pronouced play-ro-ma).

It is the dwelling of the Lord – the god beyond scripture.

This is the divinity when people talk about there being a ‘higher power.’

From a cosmic tragic accident, parts of the Divine were scattered across the universe.

These parts are Divine Sparks.

Yes, you are one of these Divine Sparks!

Your home is not the Earth. It is in the Divine in a place beyond your imagination.

Your bodies are not you. This place is not your home.

Your essence is a Divine being whose home is in the Lord, in the Divine Realm above the heavens.

This all becomes important as we explore the meaning of life..

More next week…


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The Meaning of Life – Part 1

Today, we shall be exploring the meaning of life.

Yes, there is an answer to that question!

Actually, there are many answers to that question. I will be addressing it from our faith’s perspective.

Before we can explore the answer, we must understand the question.

What is life?

Who are we?

It is so easy to believe we are flesh and blood – perhaps with a soul.

I believe we are infinite spirits, born of The Infinite Spirit, trapped within flesh and blood.

We are higher than the angels and each one of us is designed for greatness!

Yes, that means YOU!

We are not human beings that sometimes have spiritual experiences.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Once you understand the profound difference between these statements, then you can begin to see that we are all strangers in a strange land. We are far away from our home – the Divine Realm. It is only through out Divine Spark within us that we can connect with the Divine and prepare for our journey home.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

For now, simply understand your divinity trapped within humanity. That one understanding is powerful enough to change your life.

We will explore the answer to the profound question next week.

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more on why we suffer

Yesterday I discussed one of the causes of suffering.

That we suffer because we fight against reality.

Today, I want to talk about another major cause of suffering.

And it is not a popular explanation.

The simple fact is that we suffer because we live in the world of Jehovah – a god of suffering.

This god gives us an imperfect body, and imperfect world to inhabit and an imperfect soul that drives us away from the Lord.

Jehovah thrives on suffering. That is why he is called the god of the poor and the oppressed – because he is the SOURCE of poverty and oppression.

Check out all the major scriptures of the world and you find a consistent image of Jehovah – a god who tells us to enslave our brothers and sisters, wage war against fellow nations and peoples, and sacrifice ourselves (and sons and daughters) in his name.

This is not a god I want to worship.

Following this god will only diminish you and cause you pain.

You were designed for greatness.

There is a higher god who truly loves you and wants the best for you.

No slavery. No wars. No sacrifice of beings in Her name.

Just a being of love and light.

Next time you are suffering, stop and think – if you think it brings you closer to god, then maybe – just maybe- you are getting closer to the wrong god.


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one of the major sources of all suffering

Why do we suffer so much?

Why does life sometimes feel so difficult?

What is the source of our frustration?

I believe that there is a simple answer to this.

And it may surprise you.

The reason for all this suffering is that we refuse to accept reality.

We want things to be different.

We don’t like the way things are going.

“It’s not fair!” we cry.

“That is not what I had planned!” we scream.

But it is what it is.

Next time you feel frustrated or in mental pain, ask yourself

“what is really going on? What would happen if I just accept what is going on – even if just for a moment?”

You just might find that your frustration disappears.

Then, and only then, can you start to change things to be the way you want them.

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Dallas shootings, Cops and killing

I read the news today, oh boy.

My heart is saddened by the state of chaos this country has devolved into.

Cops targeting black males to the extent that they should be considered an endangered species.

And now blacks are killing cops in response to the lack of justice of those killings.

Killing in response to killing.

When has that ever amounted to anything good?

The fact is that this country has a race issue and it has never really been addressed.

And we are paying for it – big time.

I pray for peace and level heads as we sort things out, but I fear that these prayers are for naught.

Perhaps if the policeman that killed these black men would go to jail, then it might send a message that might help restore trust in the community.

That’s a lot of mights…

What we are witnessing is not just the reaction to recent events..

It is the reaction to systematic oppression and killing for hundreds of years.

We have repressed all of this, and now it is bubbling up.

Two wrongs have never made a right.

Killing to prevent killing has never helped anything.

A violent revolution only yields temporary satisfaction. (5,000 of history backs me up on this).

I pray for all the victims – as a result of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter protests.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of these victims.

As long as we see each other as people of different races, then racism will always be with us.

It is only when we see each other as human beings of the same race, then racism cannot exist.

May we all come to this realization soon…

For the sake of all of humanity.

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Orlando, ISIS and Islam – Just what is going on?

I know this post is late.

The incident occurred days ago.

I was in shock, and needed some time to process.

Seems we don’t give ourselves time to process things anymore in our instant-gratification generation.

The shooter claimed allegiance to ISIS.

I don’t believe that was his real motivation.

This was not a religious-based killing, in my opinion.

The Koran had nothing to do with the tragedy.

It was based on extreme hatred of a group of human beings that have been targeted since the dawn of time.


I have read some things that make me believe that the shooter was gay himself (but never really came out).

If that is true, then that would really explain things.

You see, we tend to live by the golden rule.

If you love yourself and who you are…

If you love life…

Then you will wish this on others.

But if hate yourself and who you are…

If you want to die…

Well, then, I think you will wish this on others also.

History is littered with people who hate others who are just like themselves.

They hate that aspect of themselves and they project that hate outward toward others.

If the shooter was really gay and couldn’t accept that, then he might have felt like he wanted to die.

And take other gays with him.

Now, all of this is just my speculation and I could be wrong.

But it is, to me, the most logical reason for the shooting.

No, I don’t believe that religion or faith had anything to do with this tragedy.

The shooter was unbalanced and hated who he was.

And he took that anger out on others.

We must always be on our guard whenever we hate others.

Chances are, whether we like it or not, that we have those same traits within ourselves.

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The Trump Phenomenon

I want to talk about Donald Trump.

Yeah, I know.

This site is about spirituality, not politics.

As if these aren’t related.


I do not want to talk about Mr. Trump’s policies.

That may be for another time. 🙂

I want to talk about what I call the “Trump Phenomenon.”

WHY is he so popular?

Let’s face it, even his supporters think he is a ‘little rough around the edges.’

(I am trying to be as kind as possible).

Yet the man lead in the polls.

ALL the polls.

Technically, he has more people who like him over Ms. Clinton!


I believe it is because of one main reason…

He speaks his mind and is not afraid if it pisses people off.

A lot of Americans appreciate and respect that.

(frankly, so do I).

Aren’t we a country of individualism?

Why then do we end up with politicians who all sound the same and do nothing different?

It is not like politicians came from outer space!

They come from the populace.

From our cities, towns and states.

They come from our communities.

The point I am trying to make is that they represent us.

Literally, just not politically.

We do not like our politicians because they reflect the worse in us.

And nobody likes to face up to that, so we project our anger toward them.

We vote these people into office.

At least those who vote.

And if you think voting doesn’t make a difference, then remember the legacy of George W. Bush and wonder what would have happened if someone else was president during that same time period?

Do you REALLY think the exact same wars and laws would have happened?

I don’t think so.

Trump represents giving the bird to the existing political landscape.

He represents the extraordinary rising about the mediocrity.

Is this enough to win the election in 2016?

I do not know.

All I know is we have lost the gift to see the power that is within us.

You are a beautiful and unique human being, limitless and powerful.

And VERY unique.

We need to recognize this more in ourselves, and then we will elect politicians who are unique and powerful.

Powerful, in a good way, of course.

For now, all we have is Mr. Trump.

Who says life isn’t stranger than fiction?


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You did WHAT in HOW LONG?


May and June certainly have been an incredible 2 months.

First, we got a dog that turned out to be VERY hyperactive, needed TONS of attention, and then very sick and needed even MORE attention!

Then I got a 2.5 degree burn on my hand (not quite 3rd degree, but worse than a 2nd degree).

(from making pasta. Let’s just say I will be more careful draining the bowl from now on!! Ouch!)

Then I had 2 – count ’em – 2 surgeries on my eyes.

Then (I am getting tired just writing all of this down), I got in a car crash!

All in the space of 60 days!

I am happy to say that most of these issues have been resolved.

We got the dog better and then found a better home for him – with a loving couple who can give him the attention and love he needs.

My hand is pretty much healed (just have to be careful not to get sunburned!)

I am fully recovered from my eye surgeries and now have 20/20 vision in my left eye, and 20/30 in my right. Pretty radical change from someone who has been wearing glasses for 50+ years in order to see clearly!

My car has been fixed from the accident (though I am still awaiting judgement from the insurance company to see if my rates will go up or if I will get my deductible back).

So all is good.

But that was a ROUGH 60 day period.

Oh wait!

I forgot about the most important thing!

My first book was published!


Trust me, when I say a major milestone and success can also be stressful!

I feel VERY blessed right now to come out of all of this okay.

So if you ever think “nothing ever happens to me, my life is boring,” please keep this blog post in mind.

Sometimes boring is not such a bad thing.



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Double Vision

I have recently recovered from surgery in both my eyes.

I was pretty much blind in my right eye due to cataracts, and my left eye didn’t have much longer before it was as bad.

There was no option beside surgery.

The surgeon recommended to have the surgeries about a month apart, which was fine by me.

For the first two week, I couldn’t exercise, strain or even bend over!

But that wasn’t the strange part!

What was REALLY weird was the unique view of the world I was experiencing.

You see, cataracts do three things.

1) they make the world cloudy

2) they make the world blurry

3) they add a deep yellow tint to everything.

I had NO idea how bad these three elements were until my right eye was fixed!

I could see CLEARLY without glasses- for the FIRST time in my life!

My left eye, however, was horrible.

It is hard to describe seeing the world through these two different lenses.

One eye was clear, in focus and with vibrant colors.

The other eye was foggy, blurry and had a yellow tint.

Keeping both my eyes open was driving me nuts!

Two different color schemes!

Two different fields of vision!

Two different levels of clarity!

I tried putting an eye patch on my left eye, but that just felt too awkward.

I popped out the right lens of my eyeglasses. That helped a little.

Sometimes I just closed each other to see the effect of seeing the world through two different lenses.

I realized how profound this experience was.

In my book – Religion? Been There. Done That. I talk a lot of how important it is to see the world through a different lens.

We must strive to see the world not only through OUR eyes, but through the eyes of another – to understand how THEY see the world.

It is a very difficult, but very powerful skill I believe we each must learn if we are to live in peace and harmony with people who think and view God very differently than us.

After I got my left eye done everything was GREAT!

Now I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/30 vision in my right eye!

I only need over the counter reading glasses!

The experience of seeing the world through two different views at the same time will stay with me a long time.

Have you had a similar experience you would like to share?

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